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Our Summer issue is available now!


We feature a “read in browser” plug in on our website so that you can read the magazine online. PLEASE ALLOW IT TIME TO LOAD, if not then streaming may take awhile if you keep clicking and freeze. Then you will think it’s not working. (We got emails from time to time on this issue, so just be patient when it first pops up in your browser. :) If you want to download it, you have to click on the magazine to take you to where you can download it. We DO NOT offer straight download from our website. We used to and viewers told us that it took too long to download due to a big file size. If you want to download the magazine to read, you have to get it from our page by clicking the “Share” button and then click download. Click below to take you the for full viewing or download.



View our digital magazine via your web browser here or at for free download. Issuu also allows you to view via iPAD and Android. And remember to also check out our previous 2012 magazine issues.

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