Cover Story: Rhonda Davis aka TurquoizBlue – Inspiring Us All Through Her Designs

TurquoizBlue - Crochet Designer

How did you come up with the name TurquoizBlue? I have had lots of mix-ups because of my very common name (Rhonda Davis). I chose TurquoizBlue as my username everywhere online because turquoise is one of my favorite colors. I decided to use this name for designing as a way to differentiate myself and also because I came across crochet designs from someone with the same name as mine. How long have you been crocheting and who inspired you? My mother taught me to crochet when I was five years … [Read more...]

Teresa Richardson – tutos vidéos “Crochet Geek” sur Crochet Savvy!


Teresa Richardson - tutos vidéos par Crochet Geek Mais qui est-elle... pourquoi l'aime-t-on?  Eh bien!  Parce que c'est la reine de YouTube & qu'elle nous a donné la permission de partager ces vidéos ici!  Sur Crochet Savvy! Selon moi (auteure version originale : Keturah) c'est elle qui a la meilleure série de vidéos d'explications des mailles de base.  Ces tutos sont souvent très lents & détaillés.  Teresa affiche aussi les tutos en photos & en explications écrites sur son blog … [Read more...]

Todd A. Paschall de Crochet by numbers


    Todd A. Paschall est né le 21 décembre 1964 à Fairbanks en Alaska.  Sa famille y a vécu pendant trois ans.  Il est le fils de Ruth et Tommie Paschall. Todd a une soeur  et un frère aîné, Sandra et Tim, ainsi qu’une soeur cadette, Channon. Sa famille a quitté Fairbanks, Alaska pour se rendre à El Paso au Texas où Channon, sa plus jeune sœur, est née.  Ils ne sont restés au Texas qu’un an avant de déménager à Atlanta en Géorgie où il vit depuis.   Il a fréquenté la Georgia State … [Read more...]

Entrevue avec Kim Guzman

Mini Bio Les journées de Kim Guzman sont remplies de créativité.  Qu’elle soit en train de tricoter ou crocheter une nouvelle idée, ou qu’elle perfectionne sa plus récente aventure avec le cannage des fruits et légumes qui poussent chez elle, elle vit son rêve : celui de de tenter toutes sortes d’aventures créatives à la campagne, près de sa famille.  Photographier la nature est d’ailleurs une de ses nouvelles passions et sa mère la surnomme la Paparazzi du Jardin.  Kim est bien connue pour ses … [Read more...]

Todd Paschall of Crochet by Numbers


  Todd A. Paschall was born December 21, 1964 in Fairbanks, Alaska. His family lived there for 3 years. He’s the son of Ruth and Tommie Paschall. Todd has an older sister Sandra, an older brother Tim and a younger sister Channon. His family left Fairbanks, Alaska for El Paso, Texas where his younger sister Channon was born. They only lived in Texas a year when they moved to Georgia. He’s lived in Atlanta, Georgia ever since. He attended Georgia State University to study Computer … [Read more...]

Johnny Vasquez of


Meet the Face behind the infamous video tutorials on Youtube! Here’s Johnny!... (Well, I could not help myself lol)...but seriously, Here is Johnny!   Q) Where did you grow up and how long have you been crocheting?  I grew up in Southern California in the San Gabriel Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles County and I have be crocheting since September 2010. Q) How did you begin crocheting? A) My great grandmother was an avid fiber artist. She did all kind of crafty things, … [Read more...]

The Crochet Dad – Gene Saunders

Gene Saunders - The Crochet Dad

Designers Profiles by Lamira Fields Introducing our CrochetDad, Gene Saunders. Before placing our request for an interview, we put out a few social plug-ins here and there that we where looking for men who crochet. Guess what, the very same day we began to receive emails to do an interview of Gene. So we put out a missing persons per se- via Facebook and Gene responded. It was the funniest thing ever- we had people looking for Gene and literally said, “Hey if any of you know Gene, please … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Contest sponsored by Gwendolyn Lancaster


Crochet Savvy Magazine Contest Sponsored by: Gwendolyn Lancaster "Congrats on the 1000 fans! Post your best Valentine Day project to Crochet Savvy's FB page and I will personally pick a lucky winner to receive my savvy scarf listed below (linked photo): (Project must be based on a free pattern with listing of the pattern in the caption or stated that it was created by you if you did not use a pattern. No paid pattern project photos should be submitted, only free ones so we can also list the … [Read more...]

The Crochet Crowd – Michael Sellick

Mikey's goals for the Crochet Crowd

Cover Story I follow Mikey personally via his YouTube videos, so when I thought about asking him to be our Cover Story, I said to myself: “he is way too big to say yes. We are just a small underground free digital only magazine.” But to my surprise, not only did he say yes, but I found out that we had mutual friends and that Mikey lives near me- sort of lol... He is a great person with an upbeat attitude, great crochet skills and most importantly- a lot to say. Presenting our Cover feature- … [Read more...]

Cluster Stitch Bag/Hat Pattern by Clare Sullivan of BOBWILSON123


 DISCLAIMER: THIS PATTERN APPEARS IN OUR FALL 2013 MAGAZINE ISSUE. TO DOWNLOAD AND READ THE COMPLETE FALL 2013 ISSUE, or to see Clare's interview and her pattern again, please visit the "Magazine Issue" tab above. It is listed here because our magazine is considered an e-zine/blog so most content that appears digital will also appear legally appear here as well, including articles, photos, patterns and guides. When a pattern is not featured in our magazine but is shown on our website, … [Read more...]