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Meet the Face behind the infamous video tutorials on Youtube! Here’s Johnny!… (Well, I could not help myself lol)…but seriously, Here is Johnny!   Q) Where did you grow up and how long have you been crocheting?  I grew up in Southern California in the San Gabriel Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles County and […]

George Washington Carver Loved to Crochet

George Washington Carver loved to crochet

Crochet Savvy Celebrates Black History Month   George Washington Carver was born around 1864 in Diamond, Missouri, to enslaved parents who were owned by Moses Carver.  After slavery was abolished, young Carver and his brother were educated by Moses Carver’s wife, Susan.  Carver eventually was able to attend a school for Black children and graduated […]

The Crochet Dad – Gene Saunders

Gene Saunders - The Crochet Dad

Designers Profiles by Lamira Fields Introducing our CrochetDad, Gene Saunders. Before placing our request for an interview, we put out a few social plug-ins here and there that we where looking for men who crochet. Guess what, the very same day we began to receive emails to do an interview of Gene. So we put […]

Honoring Our Men – Removing Stereotypes in Crafting

When asked the pros and cons of being a male crocheter in a dominantly female industry today, some responses got a lot of attention while others did not answer anything. Some people said things like “Why ask that?” or “It doesn’t matter what gender you are, who cares…” However, the question was NOT why would […]

The Crochet Crowd – Michael Sellick

Mikey's goals for the Crochet Crowd

Cover Story I follow Mikey personally via his YouTube videos, so when I thought about asking him to be our Cover Story, I said to myself: “he is way too big to say yes. We are just a small underground free digital only magazine.” But to my surprise, not only did he say yes, but […]

A Man After My Own Heart

Men love to crochet

Guest Article by Nina Schwartzman These days knitting, crocheting and sewing are popular hobbies. But it’s hard not to notice that these crafts are still largely dominated by women. So why do so few men do these kinds of crafts? When we’re in elementary school, boys and girls all make the same Christmas ornaments and […]