Congrats to the winners of the Flamies!

The results are in for the Flamie Awards! Congrats to all the winners!!! whooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We didn't win but my favorite magazine Simply Crochet won, so i'm extra happy!!!! And I'm very honored to have been in the nomination list. Thanks everyone for your support! To view the list of winners, click: … [Read more...]

Plus Size Fashion: Amazing Style in Black&White

  Amazing Style in Black&White by mello-mix featuring elastic waist pants … [Read more...]

Plus Size Fashion: Love Your Body

  J.Tomson Plus Size by court8434 featuring green wall art … [Read more...]

New Editor Staff for 2015! Congrats ladies!

We are happy to officially announce the new staff changes for 2015. I finally get to retire in peace from my post as Editor-N-Chief knowing that the magazine is in great hands!!!!! Congrats to the new Crochet Savvy Magazine Editor's staff for 2015: NEW Editor-n-Chief- Turquoiz Blue, NEW Assistant Editors- Aldonia Secession, Karen Thistle & French Editor- Julie Desjardins. You know its hard starting up any company, brand, or anything for that matter and for a while- it was me alone doing … [Read more...]

Plus Size Fashion: Curvy Fashion

  Untitled #2185 by hucjob featuring special occasion shoes … [Read more...]

Class Review: Custom-Fit Tunisian Crochet by Dora Ohrenstein for

Custom Fit Tunisian Crochet

Custom-Fit Tunisian Crochet by Dora Ohrenstein Review by Turquoiz Blue I was asked to review the Custom-Fit Tunisian Crochet class by Dora Ohrenstein on Craftsy. I have purchased a few other classes on Craftsy and skimmed through the contents, but this is the first time I actually took an entire course. The Craftsy Platform The Craftsy platform is very user friendly. It allows users to stop and start classes wherever they like.   There are discussion areas within each lesson where class … [Read more...]

Plus Size Fashion: Set Fire to the Rain

  Set Fire to the Rain by nonniekiss featuring purple tops … [Read more...]

Plus Size Fashion: Bold Red

  JTOMSON PLUS SIZE -contest by jnatasa featuring leather boots … [Read more...]

Plus Size Fashion: Soft and Blue

  J.Tomson Styled by shoppe23online featuring a bridal shawl … [Read more...]

Book Review: Curvy Girl Crochet: 25 Patterns that Fit and Flatter

Curvy Girl Crochet by Mary Beth Temple

Curvy Girl Crochet: 25 Patterns that Fit and Flatter by Mary Beth Temple Review by Keturah Ariel I loved this book. I am not considered plus size, but my size large is on the list, so I was able to find many designs that would fit me well and were created with me in mind. When I say me, I really mean ME! Size large is sometimes grouped with both regular and plus size as if no one really understands or knows what to do with it. In many regular patterns, my size is the one that contains the most … [Read more...]