Final Crochet Savvy Magazine issue scheduled for January 2016


ANNOUNCEMENT: We wanted to take time out to thank everyone who has been featured on our blog and the magazine since 2012 and all of our subscribers and readers. You guys are amazing! We also wanted to thank everyone who got us nominated in the last Flamies Awards. That was a special goal of mine personally.

But, running a magazine takes a lot of work and time as well a great staff of dedicated volunteers. My staff works so hard just for the love of crochet as volunteers and I love them very much! Love you ladies!!!!!! However, my journey within the crochet industry has evolved as well as my mission & calling as a Rabbi’s wife. Ministry, family & helping my husband is now #1 on my “to do list” as our congregation grows and as my husband goes on more and more international missions trips.

So sadly, we at Crochet Savvy Magazine wanted to announce to all of our readers that after the Fall 2015 release – the next magazine issue- our Winter issue in January- will be the last Crochet Savvy Magazine that we produce. It has been a great run from 2012-2015 and I enjoyed all the work, the learning experience, the new friendships and bringing awareness to charity, crochet fashion and its designers. This is not a goodbye but a hello to new beginnings in my life.

My only regret is that I never got a chance to physically meet Wink before her untimely passing away to thank her for our online friendship. Other than this, I am not sad to say goodbye to my magazine. Everything that begins has an end and I am very grateful for my experiences here with all of my crochet friends. I hope that Crochet Savvy Magazine has been a blessing to you all. I pray that my magazine has brought awareness to different issues within our industry as well as show off various charity projects.

I feel that my magazine was the best independent, underground, free magazine in the crochet world that displayed artists and designers- indies, new artists as well as seasoned pros and vets in the crochet industry. I do not have a favorite cover story, as I love them all, but I do have a favorite experience- and that was me gaining many friendships throughout CSMAG’s publications. I don’t want to list names- because I will always forget to mention someone- so hey I love you all!!!! Those in my inner circle from the crochet world- you know who you are and I love you!!!!

So take care “savvy” world, stay fabulous, and be on the look out for our last 2 mag issues. The Fall 2015 issue featuring Shannon from Shibaguyz debuts this week and our Winter magazine issue debuts in January 2016. (If you would like to say something special in our last issue- you can. Comment here on Facebook or email us at: to be included in our last issue of Crochet Savvy Magazine).

Take care.


– Keturah Malinconico, Founder & Creative Director of Crochet Savvy Magazine

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