Looking to hire new Positions on Staff

We are looking to fill new positions on our volunteer staff. If you are interested- email me directly at info@crochetsavvy.com. We need 2- Editor Assistants to help handle business and daily tasks and 3- more writers/contributors. (FYI- Our staff is very closeknit like a family. For helping this magazine with your time and energy- You receive freebies after each issue and great FREE ad space as long as you are on staff.) So email me to set up your interview. REQUIREMENTS- must work online & have access to email, must google video chat for staff conferences and have yarn/crochet/knit experience in this industry. Will help to have some kind of organization & office skills (Works with Word Docs….especially a plus to have Adobe product skills & are confident talking/ emailing people.) Once again- email me directly at info@crochetsavvy.com. Looking to fill 5 spots by June. Pass the word around. Thanks. – Keturah

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