Class Review: Custom-Fit Tunisian Crochet by Dora Ohrenstein for

Custom-Fit Tunisian Crochet by Dora Ohrenstein

Review by Turquoiz Blue

Custom Fit Tunisian Crochet

I was asked to review the Custom-Fit Tunisian Crochet class by Dora Ohrenstein on Craftsy. I have purchased a few other classes on Craftsy and skimmed through the contents, but this is the first time I actually took an entire course.

The Craftsy Platform

The Craftsy platform is very user friendly. It allows users to stop and start classes wherever they like.   There are discussion areas within each lesson where class members can leave comments or ask questions, and the instructor can respond. There is also an All Discussion page for viewing all the discussions on Craftsy at one time.

The class has seven lessons:

  1. Tunisian Basics
  2. Tunisian Tools
  3. Measuring for a Perfect Fit
  4. Adjust the Pattern
  5. Custom-Fit Calculations: Bust & Shoulder
  6. Custom-Fit Calculations: Waist & Hip
  7. Finishing Details

Each lesson can be completed in one sitting, which makes it easy to digest the training.

The Materials page provides links to purchase the yarn used for the project. Unfortunately, there is only one color choice of yarn. Downloadable pattern and worksheets are also included, along with a crochet metric conversion guide.

The Notes page is for video notes, which are private bookmarks to notate key points in the lessons and also a way return to key moments of the lesson. The Projects page is where all class members can share their class-related projects.

Craftsy also provides a link to view personal activity, such as questions asked, projects shared, or when responses to comments are received.

The Lessons

Lesson One – Tunisian Basics explains the methods for creating the startup row, Tunisian Simple Stitch (tss), and Tunisian Knit Stitch (tks). Throughout the video Dora describes the anatomical structure of the stitches and their idiosyncrasies, and she offers solutions for problems that can occur such as unwanted spaces that can appear when decreasing. One thing that I wish Dora had mentioned is that Tunisian crochet is also known as Afghan crochet, so that if anyone sees the reference, they will know that it is the same technique.

Lesson Two – Tunisian Tools is about creating crochet fabric, yarn qualities, types of interchangeable Tunisian hooks, and how to measure gauge.

Lesson Three – Measuring for a Perfect Fit shows how to take measurements to ensure that sweaters will fit. Dora clearly demonstrates the exact places on the body to measure and how to record those measurements. She also defined the concept of ease, explained where to use ease in the garment, described how to determine ease based on how you actually like your garment to fit, and explained how to add the ease to the body measurements. Then she demonstrated how to place those measurements on a personal schematic.

Lesson Four – Adjust the Pattern describes a method for pre-reading through the pattern and notating key changes. Dora indicates the best places to make adjustments.

Lesson Five – Custom-Fit Calculations: Bust & Shoulder covers how to make pattern adjustments for body measurements that fall outside of standard pattern sizes. Examples include when front width is larger than back and when body size is larger than what is included in the pattern.Dora focuses on the bust area and advocates using an “armhole swatch,” which is something I also recommend and use myself.

Lesson Six – Custom-Fit Calculations: Waist & Hip clarifies making alterations to the portions of the pattern that are below the bust, the waist and hips, by adding or removing rows to adjust length. The methods described show how to change the hip circumference, how to adjust for straight and curvy figures, and how to convert a sweater from pullover to button down vest.

Lesson Seven – Finishing Details is all about how to finish a Tunisian crochet garment. Dora talks briefly about blocking and pinning to eliminate the curling fabric and explains a woven seam technique that is almost undetectable when done correctly. She also describes a method for single crocheting around the edges.

Final Thoughts

My overall observation is that Craftsy provides an easy-to-use platform for online learning. The Custom-Fit Tunisian Crochet class itself gives reference-quality lessons to help crocheters use Tunisian crochet techniques to master creating sweaters. This is a course for crocheters who are new to the Tunisian technique and also for experienced crocheters who could use pointers for working with the characteristics that are unique to Tunisian crochet.

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