Book Review – Easy Crochet Hats and Scarves: 15 Pretty Projects from Martingale


Book Review by Turquoiz Blue

Easy Crochet Hats and Scarves: 15 Pretty Projects is a collection of 11 scarves and 4 hats. The beginner level patterns use a combination of color, stitch pattern, and yarn texture to create crochet accessories that are fun, stylish, and also make great gifts. This compilation of crochet patterns explores a variety of techniques.

Flame is a lovely skinny scarf that is crocheted with a lattice-like, open stitch pattern. It is shown in a textured fashion yarn, but the pattern also suggests using a “heavy worsted weight yarn for a smoother look.”

Silver and Gold is a chevron-patterned scarf with color change rows.

Moonlight Romance is made from lover’s knot stitches and finished on both ends with a fine chain fringe.

Grace uses open shell stitches and a frilly boarder to create an elegant scarf with a soft drape.

Lovely Lace is an open-work lace pattern scarf with a picot edging.

Rings of Flowers is made up of floral, medallion-shaped motifs that are joined together as they are crocheted.

Windy City is a V-stitch patterned hat and scarf combo that is perfect for chilly days and nights.

Rodeo Drive is a Granny Square motif hat and scarf set that has that boho/retro flair.

Paris is warm yet soft and feminine thanks to the combination of V-stitch and Shell stitch borders.

Marseille is an X-stitch patterned beret and scarf duo with lots of swag.

B1289_Crocheted_Hats_Scarves_3rd.inddSea Treasures Stole is the piece de resistance of the book. It is a lacy, mohair wrap made with Open Shell stitches and Scallop edging that begs to be made.

Easy Crochet Hats and Scarves: 15 Pretty Projects satisfies the desire to learn different crochet techniques and to make something that is wearable.  The only concern to note is that some of the yarn colors have already been discontinued, but it should not be hard to find suitable yarn substitutes.  The patterns are not too challenging for a new crocheter and also great for experienced crocheters who are looking for designs that can be completed in a short time.

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