Book Review: Curvy Girl Crochet: 25 Patterns that Fit and Flatter

Curvy Girl Crochet:
25 Patterns that Fit and Flatter 
by Mary Beth Temple

Review by Keturah Ariel

I loved this book. I am not considered plus size, but my size large is on the list, so I was able to find many designs that would fit me well and were created with me in mind. When I say me, I really mean ME! Size large is sometimes grouped with both regular and plus size as if no one really understands or knows what to do with it. In many regular patterns, my size is the one that contains the most errata because, I believe, the models and samples are all done in the smallest size available and then the other sizes tend to be a bit snugger than  they should be.

Curvy Girl Crochet by Mary Beth TempleMary Beth has a great way of sizing her patterns and stating the real measurements so that the reader can adjust properly. She even gives details to the reader to help with the gauge and fit. In one pattern, for example, she tells the reader that the “Garment is not meant to close in the front.” This small detail can be helpful when people are crocheting and might think they have done something wrong when, actually, they are right on point. Her instructions and wording are clear, and the photos are fabulous. The models represent a range of plus sizes and are not just the smallest, which I find to be awesome. Many other people in fashion tend to do those “large only” size models instead of the 2X or 3X models, which suggests that plus sizes are still not acceptable even within its own marketing arena. Sort of an oxymoron, right?

Lastly, all the designs are fun and trendy. They are neither box-shaped nor plain, nor are they designs that would make a plus size wearer feel like she is wearing a robe. Mary Beth’s designs have shape, some are even relatively sexy, and they are all comfortable looking. Nothing is dragging up or tight around the waist or neck– all signs that one has on the wrong size. This book rocks, and I highly recommend everyone who is looking for awesome plus size crochet projects to go and buy Curvy Girl Crochet: 25 Patterns that Fit and Flatter today! I give it a 10 out of 10 on the chart of being totally fabulous and crochet savvy!

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