Quince & Co. – Interview with Ryan Fitzgerald

Interview with Ryan Fitzgerald of Quince & Co.

By Keturah Ariel

Quince & Co.

Tell us a little bit about Quince & Co. and what makes the yarn so different from other yarns.

Pam Allen started Quince because she wanted to make high-quality American yarns, something that was not readily available on the market in 2010 when Quince was founded. Pam was a knitwear designer for years and has a very strong sense for the types of yarns that she likes to knit with. We have a great group of knitters working for us, so instead of trying to figure out what the market might want, we really focus internally on what we want to be knitting with.

All of your colors are beautiful. We noticed that most of your yarn colors are cool and mellow. Is there a reason for this? I didn’t see too many bold choices on the palette.

Our design team is often drawn to greys, blues and browns, but we love color! It just has to be used tastefully. There are lots of colors that look exciting in the skein but are disappointing in a final piece. We make colors that look great in the skein and in the sweater.

Regarding Piper, explain the concept behind this yarn. I am from Texas so getting a Texas yarn to review was a big deal for me!

This was a big deal for us! We can’t tell you how much we love this yarn. It’s really exciting for us to be able to make a yarn that we can trace back to individual farms. It’s not easy, and it’s definitely a lot more work to make a commercial-scale yarn this way, but the outcome has been really exciting. I personally hope we can continue to make more yarns with Texas mohair and wool – they have such an amazing tradition there.

What advantages do you have that make your yarn company special and unique?

We have an incredible design team with tons of experience in the industry.

How does the pattern collection reflect the yarn? If a designer has used your yarn, what must they do in order to submit patterns to Quince and Co.?

We always welcome pattern submissions – they should be directed to info@quinceandco.com. We tend towards simple, modern designs but we think that all knitting is equal. We love fancy cabling of lace, but we also love a stockinette sweater that emphasizes fit and wearabililty. Our yarns reflect this – we have yarns that are great for cabling and details, like Chickadee, and ones that are better for drapey, simple pieces like Kestrel.

What is your favorite yarn and why?

Impossible to say! Right now it’s Piper probably, but it will be different tomorrow.

Which is the most popular yarn sold, and why do you think its so popular?

We’ve been so lucky so far in that all of our yarns have been very popular. Not a single dud yet, knock on wood! I think generally our yarns have been really popular because of the quality, color, and presentation. We work with a number of mills now, most of which work on unique equipment that

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