Crochet Savvy Nominated for a Flamie Award! Go VOTE now!


OMG guys….we are on the nomination ballot for the Flamies for Best Digital Crochet Magazine…come on and VOTE it up until we win!!!! lol. I’m just happy to be nominated. Thank you all so much for your nominations!!!!!! Says alot to be the only FREE magazine in that category with 5 other paid magazines. The ONLY FREE one!! Ya’ll better go and support FREE and indie by voting for Crochet Savvy Magazine- the only FREE crochet magazine that supports the designers, the indie artisians, charity and all things crochet in our industry!!!!! Super excited. Share the news. VOTE SAVVY for 2015!!!!


Vote, vote and vote! There is no limit to how many times you can vote so VOTE it up!!!!!!!!!! Let’s show people that FREE is better! We are the voice of the indies out there! We support and promote crochet and love doing it. The Flamies Crochet Awards is all about promoting the crochet industry! VOTE VOTE and VOTE SAVVY 2015!



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