Apple Martini Earrings


Advanced Beginner

Skills needed:
Simple hand sewing
Working with thin crochet thread

Aunt Lydia’s Size 10 Crochet Thread, small amounts of each in 1 MC “French Rose” color and 1 CC “Cream” color for the Rose earrings

• Crochet Steel Hook sizes: 6, 7, 8, or B/1 (1.6-2.25 mm)
• Earring closures, for pierced ears, that hang down in some way
• Sewing needle and matching cream colored thread for hand sewing
• Scissors
• Old bangles or hoop earrings for upcycling


• MC Main Color
• CC Contrasting Color
• sc Single Crochet
• ch Chain


Row 1: With MC held to the back, insert your hook through the middle of the bangle/old hoop earring and draw up a loop. Yarn over and pull through both loops. This creates a sc stitch that will encase the bangle.

Continue to sc in this same manner for 80-100 sc to create a very tightly bound row of pink around the bangle. If your bangle is bigger than average, you will probably need to create more stitches to cover the whole thing. Regardless of size, when you can no longer see the bangle underneath, slip stitch into the first stitch made from the row, break off the yarn and fasten.

Row 2: With CC, sc into every stitch made on the first row. When you have come to the very end, slip stitch into the first stitch of the row. Ch 5, break yarn, and fasten off leaving a long tail roughly 6 inches long.

Adding the earring closures:

This process will be a little different depending on the type of findings you choose. I chose earring closures that simply hang down. They only have one loop at the bottom for sewing into your handmade earrings.
With needle and thread, hand sew the earring closure onto the last chain of the earring. This will make your earrings moveable and dangle in any direction. Then you will simply wrap the rest of the chain around the base of the earring closure until only a little remains. Then knot it or thread it in the needle and sew it onto itself.


If you want your earrings to stay still, attach the earring closure right at the first chain near the actual earring. Then simply wrap the rest of the chain around the base of the earring closure until only a little remains. Then knot it, or thread it into the needle and sew it onto itself.

You now have a great pair of earrings for the summer!

(This pattern can be used for any type and size yarn as seen with the green pair of earrings in the photo which where made using only 1 color yarn.)


Copyright 2014 LaTonya Keturah Ariel Malinconico for Crochet Savvy Magazine & knitFABulous. All rights reserved.  Do not sell pattern, it is free. You may link to my pattern only.  Contact me for any other arrangements. 🙂

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