Battling depression and anxiety with crochet and bingo

Battling depression and anxiety with crochet and bingo


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Depression and anxiety disorder are just two of the 10 most common psychological  disorders in the US. Health experts have found alternative ways of treating these mental disorders aside from medication. Two of these alternative ways are crochet and bingo.  

In her book “Crochet Saved My Life,” Kathryn Vercillo chronicled her bouts of depression and anxiety, the healing powers of crochet, knitting and other needlework both mentally and physically. She describes how she summoned the strength to drop the knife she once held at her wrist and replaced it with a spool of yarn. Crochet has become her go-to therapy in times of stress and anxiety.  

The Mental Health Association of Northeast Florida uses bingo as therapy for their patients battling depression. “Feel Good Bingo” is quite similar to regular bingo. Here, players match symbols related to depression and try to complete a row to win prizes. The game was developed in the 1980s for National Depression Screening Day.  Because of its success, the local mental health association has adapted it for communitywide use all year.  

Since crochet and bingo are effective in treating anxiety and depression, let’s find ways on how to combine the creativity of crochet and the excitement of bingo. If you love playing bingo in traditional bingo halls, why not make your own bingo bag for your daubers? Crochet Geek has a great video tutorial on how to make your own bingo bag. They also have video tutorial for left-handers. You can put all daubers and other bingo equipment inside your new bingo bag to avoid getting ink all over your handbag. You can even use it as a craft or toy bag. 

If you are a fan of online bingo, you can also get some inspiration from the Iceland Bingo ducks, by creating your own crochet Baby Duck. Amigurumi To Go has a free crochet duck pattern and a video tutorial that you can follow. These cute crochet ducks also make a great giveaway in your basket this coming Easter. 

Crochet and bingo has come a long way, from being simple hobbies to therapy for depression. With all the changes happening in the world everyday, it would not be surprising if people would come up with more fun ways of integrating these two remarkable hobbies. 

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