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Todd Paschall - Crochet by Numbers

Todd A. Paschall was born December 21, 1964 in Fairbanks, Alaska. His family lived there for 3 years. He’s the son of Ruth and Tommie Paschall. Todd has an older sister Sandra, an older brother Tim and a younger sister Channon. His family left Fairbanks, Alaska for El Paso, Texas where his younger sister Channon was born. They only lived in Texas a year when they moved to Georgia. He’s lived in Atlanta, Georgia ever since. He attended Georgia State University to study Computer Science. Shortly after college, Todd got married to Tesiree. He was married for 15 years and now divorced. From that marriage he has 3 kids, Tyeka, Feyetta and Xavier. He also has another son Joshua.

Todd’s younger sister Channon initially taught him to crochet. He was a natural. He learned to chain and single stitch in 15 minutes. Any idle time he had watching television he would crochet. He liked working with his hands and it relaxed him. At the beginning he didn’t crochet anything in particular. He crocheted single color swatches. Some years passed by while Todd perfected this stitch. At the beginning of this particular year, Todd decided that he wanted to make a queen sized crocheted quilt for his mother for Christmas. It took him the whole year but by Christmas, he had the quilt done for his mother. He’s off and running now looking for a new project. He never wanted to do the same type of crochet patterns being sold in the stores at that time. He wanted to do something new with crochet. He wanted to do something different. He started designing simple shapes and symbols on graph paper. Then he would crochet what he designed. Todd got more ambitious and wanted to crochet the King of Spades. When he attempted to crochet the King of Spades, he came to the conclusion that using a graph with such a complicated image, it has to be a faster way. Some years passed as Todd tried to develop a better way of crocheting images without using a graph.




Todd’s first son Xavier was born. Once Todd received the first pictures of his son, he then knew what he wanted to crochet. He felt that if he could truly capture someone’s image in crochet, crochet itself will be looked at in a whole new light. He still didn’t quite no how to accomplish his goal. Then it came to him that he would have to learn how to write programs for the computer. It took about a year for Todd to write the Crochet By Numbers program. He was satisfied with his first pieces with his new program but he wanted a more realistic pattern.

Todd’s first pieces with his new Crochet by Numbers program were cartoonish. He wanted a more progressive and shaded version. He had to revise his program. Once this was done, you see the pieces of today with a more photo-realistic feel. Todd’s works have been featured in a few galleries in Atlanta. His work of Billie Holiday won the Crochet Guild of America’s Chain Link of 2003 Juried Invitational Exhibit. It won the Dimensional 2D & 3D and People’s Choice Award. Todd designed and his class at the Lou Walker Multipurpose Senior Center crocheted the Breast Cancer Stamp for The National NeedleArts Association. The piece was given to the Smithsonian National Postal Museum to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer. He was featured in the 2009 Spring Edition of Crochet Today Magazine. Todd crocheted a portrait of Michael Jackson that was featured on The Daily Buzz Morning News Show in 2009.

Today, Todd is still making pieces and teaching at various locations in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s also teaching students from around the world with his web site at

Article from Crochet Savvy January 2014 Winter Magazine Issue
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  1. Martie Jones says

    Very nice and I like to learn but live in South Africa and is Afrikaans. I would like to know how to get a graph of a picture. I lost both my children and would like to make a crochet picture of them.

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