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I absolutely love love love Clare! She is an awesome teacher and designer that has made a name for herself on YouTube.


Q) Clare, tell us more about yourself.

A) My name is Clare and I have been crocheting for 12 years, I have been teaching on YouTube for 4 of these years. I learnt to crochet from my best friend Lisa and it started off as a dare, Lisa dared me to learn to crochet, I told her I was too stubborn and would lose interest. 12 years later I am teaching people around the world one video at a time

Q) Tell us your story. What inspires you as an artist?

A)I uploaded my first video about 4 years ago. I learnt how to join granny square from a ‘little old lady’ I searched YouTube to see if there was already a video and there was not. I filmed my first tutorial, the lighting was bad, I crocheted a little too fast for beginners to follow and I didn’t even own a tripod for my camera. People wanted to learn more, I was receiving messages asking how to make different items, I would email them back telling them how to do it, but these people were visual learners and needed a video tutorial and as they say the rest is history! Over 550 video tutorials later I have over 86,000 YouTube fans and more than 23,000 Facebook likes

I am inspired by so many people. I see other crochet designers and teachers and think, I want to be just like them and give it my best. Teach people so they too can share the passion of crochet and see how much fun it can be. It’s not all about what your grandmother made you and old fuddy duddy items, it’s about being fashionable and creative !

Q) What is your weekly schedule for posting videos and how do you manage your time between the videos, crocheting, designing, and teaching.

A) I try my best to upload 1 video tutorial each week, usually I put aside 3 days a week for filming, editing and crocheting. The other 4 days are dedicated to emails and message from Facebook, YouTube and various other sites.  Most days I work 10 hours, but I do put time aside for me, occasionally.

Q)What is your favorite color, your favorite brand or type of yarn, favorite hook and why?

If you know me well enough you already know what I am about to say. My favourite colour is blue and grey. I love all brands of yarn and I prefer to work with acrylic yarns. They are easy to get, cheap and wash well. I do however enjoy indulging in the occasional expensive purchase of hand spun, hand dyed yarn, but ssshhh don’t tell hubby !

Q) What advice could you give our viewers who also have or want to start building their business on Youtube.

A) Go for it ! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Do your research, make sure you know what you are talking about. You have to have thick skin, people can be very mean and say horrible things to you via the internet. Don’t let the comment get to you and delete and block them

If you become popular on YouTube, be prepared to have no life other than being on the computer and working very hard and long hours. Oh I make it sound such a drag ! If you are passionate about what you do and I enjoy every minute of it. You will make great friends, speak to people in countries you didn’t even know existed. Your life will change forever and in the best possible way


  1. Have you ever been featured at any events, in books or magazines ?

A)Earlier this year I was featured in the Australian That’s Life magazine. Talking about how people can make money out of their hobbies


A special thanks to: Vanessa Petri from Hourglass Photography – for Clare’s photos.


You know, Clare has now reached 100,000 subscribers on her channel and 25,345 likes on Facebook. She is a growing sensation!

You can find Clare online by visiting:

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Ravelry – bobwilson123

Twitter – bobwilson123

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  1. Lyn says

    I love everything about Clare(BobWilson123) and how she explains clearly whilst watching her crochet. Her tutorials are precise and interesting to follow. Her patterns are perfect and well written. I have been a fan on facebook and her web site and look forward to learning more in the future. Thankyou Clare.

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