Beginner/Inter level


materials: 1 skein chunky yarn & a huge button 


jumbo hook (n/p) size


gauge: none (measure your neck lol…)


abbreviations: TC-treble/triple crochet, HDC- half double crochet


Download PDF here!

cranberry cowl by keturahariel.pdf





Chain 34 stitches with loose tension. Then Chain 4 extra.

Row 1-2: wrap the yarn on the hook 2x and then hook the 5th chain from the end, creating a treble or triple crochet (TC). Continue to TC for the rest of the row. Turn work, chain 4, wrap the yarn 2x and hook into the first stitch to TC. TC entire row.

Row 3-4: Slip stitch the entire row, turn work, slip stitch the entire row. (this creates the knitted like effect in the stitches on both sides, making the cowl reversible.)

Repeat Rows 1-4 for the rest of the project. 

TIP: Make sure to pause at the end of the rows to count that you have 34 stitches in each row or the cowl will be uneven. If you find that you are short or have too many stitches, gradually increase or decrease at the beginnings or ends of the row.  The pattern repeat is always 2 rows of TC and 2 rows of slip stitches.

Once you are finished crocheting your neck size (whatever is a comfy fit for you) take the two short ends, turn inside out and join the two ends. I choose to HDC to join the ends together to create a double seam in the front of my cowl that looks even and effortless. But you can join them however you like. What makes this cowl special is that the join seam is at the front and shows how the pattern is mirrored on both sides. Grab a great button and stitch at the bottom of either side. Now you can fasten the cowl down through any of the TC stitches to turn it into a buttoned cowl. Or wear the button as decor. Enjoy!

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