Book Review: Urban Edge- Spring 2012 Favorite Pick!

_Urban Edge Cover


When we found out about designer Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby’s new book, we just had to buy it. We ended up buying 3 copies! This is the 2012 Spring fav of Crochet Savvy, hands-down. It is fun, trendy and you actually can wear it. Some books only focus on scarves or hats and small crocheted items. You mostly see knitted fashion as well. This book shows us all that you can actually take crochet and form it into fashionable pieces that can be worn everyday. Some pieces are sexy, others are laid back, but the key is wearability. You can WEAR these designs.


Our favorite pick from the book was the white and black tube-top NYC Dress Pattern. This design features motifs.  Who else other than the great mind of Shannon Mullet-Bowlsby would take a classic and piece it together to make black and white so modern and savvy! $19.95 book or $9.95 digital download:

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