Welcome to Crochet Savvy Magazine, our FREE online crochet magazine for the fashion minded individual. Here, we focus on the designer, charity projects and general crochet themes within our industry. This makes us very different from other mainstream magazines who's focus is on the patterns produced.

We hope that you enjoy our view of crochet as pop art, culture, fashion and bold statements of each individual designer. You will get to know new and up-coming designers as well as a few veterans in our field, learn about yarn, hooks and stitches and how to apply this craft in your closet and style. Enjoy!

Articles from the Mag…


Todd Paschall of Crochet by Numbers

  Todd A. Paschall was born December 21, 1964 in Fairbanks, Alaska. His family lived there for 3 years. He’s the son of Ruth and Tommie Paschall. Todd has an older sister Sandra, an older … [read more]


Johnny Vasquez of NewStitchADay.com

Meet the Face behind the infamous video tutorials on Youtube! Here’s Johnny!... (Well, I could not help myself lol)...but seriously, Here is Johnny!   Q) Where did you grow up and how … [read more]